What is a HVLP Environmental Spray Gun
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What is a HVLP Environmental Spray Gun?


HVLP is short for "High Volume Low Pressure"

HVLP spray guns use high air flow at low atomizing air pressure to increase the efficiency of the paint flow path. It helps reduce volatile organic vapor emissions and the amount of paint used. It helps reduce contamination due to over-spray from traditional spray guns.
So far, overseas countries such as the US and Australia have developed guidelines for car painting to reduce its polluting impact on the environment. The requirements for HVLP spray guns are contained in the US South Coast Air Quality Management District Rule 1151 issued in 1988. The rule requires auto repair shops to use equipment that meets specified standards to minimize environmental pollution from volatile substances. Organic solvents generated during paint spraying.

Why bother with improving paint transfer efficiency?
Paint contains harmful additives and organic solvents. Using a spray gun with high paint transfer efficiency, such as HVLP, can:
Facilitates the adhesion of paint to the work piece, reduces paint consumption and reduces operating costs
Reduce the spread of harmful paint fumes and organic solvents in the atmosphere, keep the air fresher and protect the health of you, your colleagues and neighbors

How do HVLP guns reduce paint consumption?
HVLP spray guns can reduce paint consumption, mainly because they have higher paint transfer efficiency than traditional spray guns. Paint transfer efficiency is a measure of how much paint adheres to the work piece during the paint spraying process. The more efficient the paint transfer, the more paint sticks to the work piece and the less paint bounces off the work piece. In this way, paint waste is reduced.

How can HVLP spray guns improve profits and what are the advantages?
1.Reduced paint consumption, resulting in lower costs
2.Reduce emissions of volatile organic solvents and reduce environmental pollution
3.Reduce paint mist caused by spray paint and improve working environment
4.Reduce pollutant discharge, prolong the service life of pollution control equipment, reduce the frequency of parts replacement, and save maintenance costs.
5.Reduce harmful effects on operators and neighbors

Points to consider when using an HVLP gun
1.Supply compressed air
HVLP guns consume more air than traditional guns. When purchasing an HVLP spray gun, you need to consult the supplier about the compressed air requirements of the spray gun, and make corresponding arrangements, such as the power of the air compressor, the capacity of the storage tank, the size of the compressed air supply pipeline, etc., so that the spray gun can work normally.
For optimum atomization of the HVLP gun, an appropriate pressure gauge should be used. Typically, adjust the atomizing air pressure to 0.7 bar (10 psi)
2.Properly adjust the painting method
HVLP spray guns use lower atomizing air pressure than traditional spray guns, and need to properly adjust the distance between the spray gun and the work piece and the spraying speed. HVLP guns are positioned closer to the work piece than conventional guns, approximately 10-15 cm (4-6 inches). Spraying speed is lower than conventional spray guns.
3.Adjust the amount of paint to mix

HVLP guns have higher transfer efficiency. When mixing paint, use a smaller volume than a traditional spray gun to avoid waste.