More popular water-based paint spraying has become
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More popular water-based paint spraying has become


More popular water-based paint spraying has become

Water-based paint spraying has become more popular, and selection of high-quality water-based paint spraying equipment has become the top priority of all spraying companies

First, spraying water-based paint is the key to choosing a spray gun

1. RONGPENG's professional HVLP spray gun R802 can fully atomize the water-based paint and arrange the particles evenly to form a high-quality water-based paint film and speed up the drying of the paint film;

2.RONGPENG HVLP spray gun R802 has excellent paint transfer efficiency, reduces waste caused by over spraying of water-based paint and a large amount of paint mist rebound, improves efficiency and saves costs;

3. The material and design of the core components meet the corrosion resistance and easy cleaning characteristics of water-based paint spraying.

2. High unit price of water-based paint, improve efficiency and reduce waste

The paint supply pot that comes with the RONGPENG spray gun is printed with the paint mixing ratio and volume scale.

Three, water-based paint has higher requirements for compressed air

Water-based paint has higher requirements for compressed air, so it needs to use a more efficient and high-quality oil-water separator (regulator), three different materials of filter elements, efficient and stable filtering of impurities, oil and water vapor in the compressed air, which is more easily polluted. Water-based paint provides clean compressed air, avoids various paint film quality defects, significantly reduces the rework rate and saves costs;

The volume of the filter element (filter area) is large, which can effectively absorb more impurities; the large ventilation volume can also meet the simultaneous use of multiple devices;

With automatic drainage device, it also avoids the tedious maintenance and labor waste;

Fourth, water-based paint spraying needs more protection

Safer respiratory protection when using water-based paint, including important organs such as respiratory system, eyes, ears, nose and mouth;

Safe protection can reduce the risk of spray paint. Compared with solvent paint, water-based paint is more likely to penetrate human body mucus (such as tears) and skin to penetrate harmful substances into the human body. Therefore, the entire working process from paint mixing to spraying and cleaning needs to be strengthened;

The ideal protective equipment for spraying technicians is: full air supply mask, professional overalls, solvent-resistant gloves and safety shoes.

Five, water-based paint needs to dry faster

Use a large-area blowing nozzle to improve efficiency, speed up the drying time of water-based paint, save money, time and more environmental protection;

Summary: For water-based paint spraying for car repairs, RONGPENG paint spray gun has been working hard to help paint technicians to easily switch from solvent-based paint to water-based paint to achieve the ideal painting effect.