HVLP Spray Gun,High Volume and Low Pressure
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Why Choose HVLP Spray Gun?


https://www.rongpeng.com/Hot%20Sale%20HVLP%20Air%20Spray%20Gun%20H827-A%20for%20Car%20Painting.htmlWhy Choose HVLP Spray Gun

HVLP means High Volume and Low Pressure. Unlike LVLP, HVLP spray gun is the best spray gun on the market. It has superior performance and wide spray coverage.

Stainless steel needle and nozzle accommodate avariety of coatings.

Brass air cap and adjust knob.

Includes adjustable fluid,pattern and air controls.

Designed to provide equal atomization and particlesize for all kinds of surface painting.

Light weight,ergonomic design and easy trigger pivotreduce operating fatigue.

Best used for spray painting of middle or high adhesive for surface finishing and middle coating.

Because HVLP guns have more air than pressure, which means less paint is wasted, so it doesn't overspray and can reduce paint costs by up to 30% with HVLP guns.