Who is the best coil nailer factory
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Who is the best coil nailer factory


Who is the best coil nailer factory?

Who is the best coil nailer factory in china,how can we identify the good of this factory?The answer is definitely Rongpeng air tools, why are you so confident?

Please find out more specifically of rongpeng air tools.Their annual of coil nailer guns is more than 1.5 million,including coil roofing nailer,coil nailer for pallet and crating, coil nailer for siding,coil nailer for framing and so on. Now let’s take a brief look at rongpeng air tools co.,ltd.


-Since 1990

-100000 Square meters 

-1200 Employees

-2,000 Millions exprot volume in 20years

-Exported to 119 COUNTRIES

-One-Stop Purchase:

Over 400 models  air tools 4,000,000/Year  

Air spray guns 5,000,000/Year 

Airless paint sprayer 300,000/Year

Air nailer 3,000,000/Year

-ISO9001 ISO14001 BSCI SA8000

-All products got GS & CE & UL & ETL certificate

Don't worry about our quality, you can contact us for any questions, we will use our experience to help you solve your doubts

More info:rongpeng@rongpeng.com

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